Buehler’s Meat and Butchers

One of three international providers of Prime Natural Niman Ranch beef

Our Certified Angus Beef Prime Natural Niman Ranch brand is the best beef in the whole world. Literally.

Prime is a distinction given to the best USDA beef grade. Certified Angus Beef brand Prime Natural is an even higher quality product. To earn this label, Prime Natural beef must:

  • Pass 9 more quality standards than traditional USDA Prime beef
  • Have the highest quality marbling to ensure superior flavor and tenderness

In fact, Prime Natural Niman Ranch beef is so rare – no pun intended – that it can be found in only one in every 4,000 steers.

Our commitment to bring you the very best natural beef starts at the ranch. The Certified Angus Beef brand partners with Niman Ranch and its network of sustainable U.S. family ranchers to produce premium natural beef.

Established in 1972, Niman Ranch is committed to raising livestock traditionally, responsibly and sustainably. Niman Ranch cattle are never exposed to antibiotics or hormones and are only raised on a vegetarian diet. Niman Ranch cattle are also traceable to birth and their product is minimally processed with no artificial ingredients.

But our spectacular meat department isn’t just a result of the amazing beef we offer. Buehler’s only hires trained butchers who cut our Prime Natural beef fresh daily. They will cut and slice your meat to your specifications and are versed in cooking ideas for each cut of meat.

When it comes to fresh cut meat, quality and service matter. Visit Buehler’s Meat Department today for the highest quality all-natural beef today.

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