Dave the Produce Guy and the Mt. Hope Farmer’s Produce Auction

Hand-selected fresh local produce

Imagine being surrounded by hundreds of pallets of the freshest local produce grown in Ohio. Now picture yourself being swarmed by dozens of friendly Amish farmers who want nothing more than to show you why their produce is the best.

This is the life of Dave Graf, Buehler’s Fresh Food’s produce buyer. Two times a week between mid-April and November, Dave drives a Buehler’s semi-truck to the Mt. Hope Farmer’s Produce Auction in Holmes County, Ohio to hand select and bid on Ohio’s best locally grown produce.

Almost one hundred buyers attend the auction every day. Upon Dave’s arrival, many of the farmers line up to greet Dave and try to direct him to their pallets of produce. This isn’t just because Dave has such a friendly and charming personality.

The farmers at the auction know that Buehler’s is the largest purchaser at the Mt. Hope Farmer’s Produce Auction. Having their crops on Buehler’s shelves is quite an honor since Dave only selects the highest quality produce.

Dave, who sometimes attends the auction four times a week once the growing season is in full swing, has 50 years of purchasing local produce under his belt. When he examines the pallets of produce, he’s looking for the items Buehler’s needs while inspecting each pallet to ensure the quality, grading and size of the produce meets Buehler’s high standards.

Even if Dave isn’t being directed to a particular row of produce pallets, every lot has a grower number and Dave knows which growers belong on Buehler’s shelves.

When the auction first opens in mid-April, the first items to show up are asparagus and strawberries. As spring moves on, pallets of zucchini, summer squash and green pepper begin to appear.

In summer, Dave can be found purchasing large quantities of fruits like cantaloupes and watermelons in addition to vegetables like cucumbers and tomatoes.

Dave Graf selects Buehler’s produce with you, our customer, in mind. That’s because Buehler’s wants you to have the best food Ohio has to offer and give you the opportunity to buy local and help support the state economy.

Stop into your nearest Buehler’s today and see what local produce Dave has picked for you today. You’ll be happy you did.

Like we always say at Buehler’s, “Our produce is so fresh it’s in the field one day and on your table the next.”

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3 Responses to Dave the Produce Guy and the Mt. Hope Farmer’s Produce Auction

  1. Aleatha Ziegler says:

    I’ve trusted Dave to feed my family the best & freshest produce around for 30 years . Now that all 4 boys are grown they know how valuable truly fresh produce is and seek it out wherever they are living. They do not rely on proceed stuff, they go to the source. Thanks Dave for helping me teach that “fresh from the source” lesson to them early. And they are all healthier for it!!