Foley Fish

Fresh sustainable seafood in northern Ohio

When you visit Buehler’s seafood department, you can practically smell the ocean. That’s because our seafood is delivered fresh three times a week by Foley Fish.

Founded and family-operated since 1906, Foley Fish out of Boston, Massachusetts is committed to providing well-managed, sustainable seafood. When Buehler’s buys from Foley Fish, we know we’re going to get the freshest and best tasting seafood in the country for a number of reasons.

Foley’s direct involvement in fishery quality management in the Northeast gives them specialized knowledge on the best sustainable seafood available. The company has also commissioned hundreds of taste tests that have taught them that fish of the same species can vary tremendously in flavor depending on where the fish was caught.

Foley Fish only buys seafood that has been out of the ocean for 1-2 days. Most of Foley’s competitors purchase fish that averages four days old. And Foley’s freshness preservation process is extraordinary, too.

After being purchased, all seafood is brought to Foley’s refrigerated processing room where the fish is re-iced to ensure that the ideal 32 degree temperature goal is achieved uniformly for every fish. Fillets are all hand cut by veteran employees and then packaged in cold-conducting metal tins with parchment paper between each layer of fillets to aid in moisture retention.

At Buehler’s, we only want the best for our customers. That’s why we work with a fish provider whose processing plant is cited by the National Marine Fisheries Bureau and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency as the model plant for the fish processing industry.

Stop by Buehler’s seafood department today to see and taste the Foley fresh difference.

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