Four healthy ways to stick a fork in your resolution

Staying healthy is not a resolution, but a lifestyle.

With 2017 quickly approaching, you are probably among the many who are already planning New Year’s resolutions. Whether you plan to spend more time with family and friends, learn something new or to lose 20 pounds—do you have a plan set to help you stay on track? Why not try out this printable to keep track of your meals and plan ahead for healthier options (click here). It has a daily graph, along with a grocery list section that you can bring to your next visit to Buehler’s Fresh Foods.

To help you hit your goals, we are sharing with you some quick tips that will make it easy to maintain your lifestyle, while creating a healthier version of you.

Below are some helpful tips to help you stay on track.

  1. Establish consistent eating habits: Dieters who repeatedly eat the same diet know they can be successful if they stay consistent with their daily menu. By keeping a daily journal and planning ahead, you will help shed some light regarding your dietary choices. So when you get hungry for something sweet, you will have a game plan to address that craving.
  2. Keep moving: People who have maintained their target weight typically participate in 200 minutes of physical activity weekly. They typically do 30 to 60 minutes of physical activity at one time. If you find it difficult to work out regularly, focus on other activities that will help burn calories, such as riding bikes, hiking, washing the car, using the stairs or walking your local mall. Just think, if you walk three times a day for 10 minutes, it would result in a low-impact, 30-minute workout, before you know it.
  3. Drink lots of water daily: Right before each meal, drink a glass of water to curb your appetite. If you are a compulsive snacker, keep no-calorie drinks or fruit nearby to help you from getting the urge to nibble on junk food. By keeping your body hydrated, it will help you work out more efficiently.
  4.  Eat consistently at the same time daily: This will give you something to look forward to when you know you’re going to eat soon, rather than eating an unhealthy temptation. Remember, little things do add up—from working out 10 minutes three times a day or eating an apple over cookies for lunch, it can make a difference.

You might be thinking that you will have to wait until summer to eat locally produced food. Luckily, at Buehler’s, we offer a wide range of Grow Local products that are in season year-round.

To help you get started, we have provided an example of a meal plan:

Breakfast: You can make yourself a high-protein breakfast by poaching two locally sourced Sauder’s Eggs and two slices of Fresh Mark ham. Complete your breakfast with a hot cup of Scenic River Coffee or a nice cold glass of Hartzler’s skim milk.

Lunch: If you’re like most and thinking that you’re always eating the same thing for lunch, try something new and whip up a healthy chicken salad by using Gerber’s Amish Farm Chicken. Check out this feel-good recipe:

Snacks: If you need a little pick-me-up during the day, try snacking on a locally grown apple.

Dinner: For a nice sit-down Italian dinner, you can make chicken parmesan by using locally sourced Gerber’s Amish Farm Chicken, Ohio City Pasta, Mid’s pasta sauce and top it off with Walnut Creek shredded cheese. Try this weight-watcher’s approved recipe tonight:

Who says you can’t have dessert? Complete your meal with a single serving of Ruggle’s sherbet.

Research shows that 45 percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, yet only 8 percent are successful in achieving their goals. This year, be among the 8 percent. Have a very happy New Year—cheers to you and to your new health!

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Download your free meal plan template today!

Planning your meals in advance is a great way to plan to avoid cravings, set expectations and stay on track.

We recommend using an additional notebook or diary to track your progress. Write down your thoughts and feelings that may add to your eating routine. Also, track your weight as you go along into your journal. Can you see which weeks provided you the most success?


The United States Department of Agriculture new food pyramid graph focuses on:

  • The chart above shows a mixture of food, portions and nutrition.
  • Consider foods and drinks with less saturated fat, sugars and salt.
  • Incorporate small changes to build healthier ways of eating into your daily routine.

As you plan your meals for the week, you can easily add to your Buehler’s grocery shopping list to use on your next shopping trip.


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