Mount Hope Auction a history of supporting local communities

You could hear the clip-clop of horses gently pulling fresh produce-filled wagons driven by the hands of Ohio Amish.

In 1995, the auction began with just a few boxes of produce. The Mt. Hope Produce Auction has now expanded to more than 50 wagons full of vibrant and colorful fruits and vegetables.

The produce auction has been steadily growing, and now every inch of the auction facility is piled high with fresh produce and beautiful flowers during their peak season.

The auction was the first of its kind started in the state, and currently remains as one of the largest operating in Ohio. It is open from April through the second week of November. Buehler’s Fresh Foods hand inspects the best produce to ensure that it is the perfect shape, size and free of blemishes to meet Buehler’s current food safety standards.

Many venture to the auction to get their hands on Ohio’s best locally-grown produce. They are also attracted to the fact that 90 percent of the produce is grown within a 1.5 radius mile of the auction, and 90 percent of it is grown by the Amish from Holmes and Wayne Counties.

Sustainability and family values are at the forefront of the not only preserving the environment, but also by allowing the Amish farmers to maintain their family-centered lifestyle.


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Did you know?

Locally sourced food has all kinds of great benefits such as:

Local food has more nutrients. Buehler’s locally sourced food has a shorter time between harvest and your table, and it retains more nutrients at it’s peak of freshness.

Local food supports the local economy. The money that is spent with Buehler’s local farmers and producers is reinvested with businesses in your community.

Local food benefits the environment. When you buy locally grown foods you help maintain farmland and nature in your community.

Local foods promote a safer food supply. Buehler’s takes great care to have the food inspected at the time of purchase direct from the farmer to you. There are strict quality control guidelines to ensure the food is safe.