Our People

It’s nice to be home. Buehler’s

From day one, Buehler’s Fresh Foods has valued customer service as much as providing high quality groceries to our northern Ohio customers.

When we hire new Buehler’s employees, first and foremost we’re looking for people who don’t see providing friendly, attentive service as “going the extra mile.” At Buehler’s, that’s standard operating procedure.

We also take great pride in being able to provide our customers with trained professionals, like our butchers and bakers, who have specialized knowledge about the food you’re purchasing. Plus, our various specialists can customize each order to your specifications.

All Buehler’s staff is educated and certified through the state approved ServSafe program. We have certified over 500 employees, making them true food safety champions working for your health and satisfaction.

Don’t be surprised if our people start remembering your name when you shop at our stores – if they don’t already. Our stores belong to you just as much as they belong to us.

After all, this is your Buehler’s.