Locally grown produce and more

There’s nothing more delicious – not to mention environmentally friendly – than sinking your teeth into locally grown produce. Buying local produce supports our state’seconomy, cuts costs to customers and guarantees freshness.

At Buehler’s, we specialize in buying local produce from Ohio farmers and the Mt. Hope Farmer’s Produce Auction. Buehler’s produce is so fresh it could literally be in an Ohio field one day and on your table the next.

Check out the Ohio Harvest Calendar to learn what local purchases you’ll likely find at Buehler’s.

We also take care in purchasing our international produce – like pears, bananas and blueberries — by working with Fair Trade farmers to promote equal sustainable relationships between consumers and producers.

So next time you’re eating local produce from Buehler’s, you can feel good knowing that you’re doing your part to be a responsible, healthy world citizen.

To learn more about our produce buyer Dave Graf and how Buehler’s purchases its produce, read our local produce blog post.

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