Buehler's Exclusive Scenic River Coffee


Buehler’s exclusive Scenic River Coffee is made from the finest quality coffee beans. Locally roasted, blended and ground, our six flavors of coffee are smooth blends and artisan-tailored. Each was created just for Buehler’s.

Scenic River Coffee comes in 1-lb. packages and K-cups.  Both are available at all our stores.

Scenic River Coffee K-Cup boxes photo

Try all six flavors of Scenic River Coffee:


A medium roast blend of Arabica coffees from Central and South America. It is smooth and easy drinking with a mild sweet coffee flavor and hints of citrus in the aroma.


Decaffeinated version of the classic Donut Shop. All the same flavors without the caffeine. This product is 97% caffeine free.


This is a light roasted blend of Arabica beans from South America. It is bright and refreshing with floral and citrus notes. Slightly nutty in the finish.


This bold, dark roast coffee is made up of 4 different beans roasted 3 different ways then blended. The sumatra viennese gives this blend a sweet, nutty chocolate note while the French roast gives it body and a hint of smokiness. The Colombian and Kenya beans in this blend provide balance with some acidity.


This medium roast blend is made from 100% Colombian coffees. It is rich and bright with noticeable citrus flavors and a refreshing winey finish.


Light roasted Arabica beans are combined with flavoring oil that gives this coffee flavors of Mexican liqueur, caramel and hazelnut. All our flavors are calorie free, gluten free and allergen free.


Scenic River Coffee Shops

Our specially roasted coffee is also featured in our Scenic River coffee shops. Choose an espresso, latte, cappucino, or frozen specialty drink, and pair it with a delicious treat from our bakery.

You’ll find the Scenic River coffee shops inside these Buehler’s stores: Ashland, Canton, Orrville, Medina River Styx, Medina Forest Meadows, and Wadsworth and Medina Hospital.

Click Scenic River Coffee Shop menu to view the menu.

More about Scenic River Coffee. Our name, Scenic River Coffee Co. and our theme, the rivers of Ohio, are a tribute to the unique landscape and heritage of Ohio.