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Buehler’s Ashland Now Offers Online Shopping

Online Grocery Shopping Now Available at Buehler’s Ashland Buehler’s Fresh Foods now offers online grocery shopping in Ashland. Customers can order groceries online for curbside pickup the same day. Ashland is the fifth Buehler’s store to offer this service, joining  Wooster Milltown, Medina River Styx, Canton and Wadsworth. The new service, powered by Buehler’s partner […]

RECALL: Deli Gourmet Pea Salad and Garden Ranch Salad

RECALL: Deli Gourmet Pea Salad & Garden Ranch Salad Date of recall: 7/19/2019 Item: Buehler’s Deli Gourmet Pea Salad & Garden Ranch Salad (from the deli counter & self-service case) Manufacturer of item: Buehler’s Fresh Foods Contact of manufacturer for information and questions: 1-888-283-4537 Reason for recall: A snail shell was found in the peas […]

RECALL: Lantana Hummus

RECALL: Lantana Hummus 10 ounces– various varieties Date of recall: 7/17/2019 UPC & Lot codes: Lantana Beet Hummus with Topping 10 ounces – UPC code 8-55432-00436 – Lot code/expiration date: 08/21/19; 08/22/19; 08/24/19 Lantana Black Bean Hummus with Topping 10 ounces – UPC code 8-96863-00173 – Lot code/expiration date: 08/08/19; 08/10/19; 08/19/19; 08/25/19; 09/02/09 Lantana […]

RECALL: Clear Eyes Redness Relief 15 ml

RECALL: Clear Eyes Redness Relief 15 ml Date of recall: 7/17/2019 UPC code: 6-78112-25415-6 Lot codes:  Lot # 16195 Expiration Date – 7/19; Lot # 16211 Expiration Date – 8/19; Lot # 16216 Expiration Date – 8/19 Manufacturer of item: Altaire Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Toll free number of manufacturer for information & questions: 973.984.1669 Reason for […]

Recycle Centers at Buehler’s

Buehler’s has been a leader in recycling since before recycling was cool! Many of stores feature convenient bins for our customers to drop off their recyclables. You’ll find bins at our Ashland, Dover, Medina Forest Meadows, Medina River Styx, Wadsworth, New Philadelphia, Orrville, and Wooster Milltown stores. Here are some tips about what we accept: Plastic Bottles […]

“My Account” Comes with Lots of Perks!

Announcing our SPECIAL “MY ACCOUNT” CONTEST July 1 – 31, 2019 Create a “MY ACCOUNT” on our newly redesigned website at buehlers.com during July, and you’ll get 6 special perks – plus be entered in our contest! If you’ve already created an account, just make sure your Advantage Card number is included in your information […]