Buehler’s Fresh Foods announces that it will be giving over $250,000 in appreciation pay to all employees as they continue to work during the COVID-19 outbreak.
The appreciation pay will be retroactive to Sunday, March 15th and continue through April 18th. Buehler’s has also made a commitment to retain all 227 restaurant employees that were affected by the temporary restaurant closures and reassigned them to other departments throughout the store.
“Over the last three weeks the character of our employees has shown through and made a lasting impression on all the customers who rely on us, new customers, suppliers and other stakeholders who are connected to us. This has manifested itself with countless individual examples too numerous to name. Our people are truly inspirational and we are thrilled that we are able to pay this bonus.” said Dan Shanahan, President and CEO of Buehler’s Fresh Foods.

About Buehler’s Fresh Foods
Buehler’s Fresh Foods grocery store was founded in 1929 by E.L. Buehler and his wife, Helen. The family moved the business in 1932 to Wooster, and, after four generations, grew to 13 stores serving the northeast Ohio market. In 2017, Buehler’s became an ESOP (employee stock ownership program) with the belief that selling to their own employees was the best way to assure the continuation of the innovative and creative spirit which made the chain a benchmark for independent grocers.