Buehler’s staff members are wearing masks to help keep customers and co-workers safe.
Even our mascot, Spike the pineapple, has donned a mask. He is now Supermarket Superhero Spike.

Buehler’s COVID-19 Response

We’re committed to help keep you SAFE!


“Best Time to Shop” is a new way for Buehler’s customers to determine the busiest and slowest times in our stores. It is part of our COVID-19 response. Click the image below to find your store’s chart.


COVID-19 Related Press Releases

Senior Shopping Hours

We’ve reserved early Monday & Wednesday for our seniors and most vulnerable customers.

Extra Sanitation Measures

Our employees are sanitizing carts and surfaces continuously throughout the day
and we’ve installed plexiglass dividers at checkouts.

Social Distancing Guides

Look for special floor indicators and signs to ensure everyone is following social distancing guidelines. 


Due to supply chain shortages, we are experiencing severe cost fluctuations in several categories.

Please be assured that we are working hard to keep our prices as low as possible and only applying our normal everyday markups. We may not be able to honor all ad pricing at this time.

We are working diligently with our suppliers to stay in-stock on the products that are most important to you. We will continue to work around the clock to provide customers with key items including pantry stock-up essentials and cleaning supplies.


Online shopping time slots are available for the next 14 days for each of our online shopping stores. Occasionally all the slots will fill.   If you are unable to pick a time slot it’s because there are no time slots currently available. Please keep checking the site for available time slots.

For less person-to-person contact, we are eliminating the Pay at Store option previously available at select locations.

Purchasing beer or wine online requires ID check, so avoid those items if you wish to reduce person-to-person contact.

Ensuring Health & Safety

In order to protect our employees and customers, we’ve temporarily restricted returns and refunds.


Reusable Bags

In order to protect yourself and others, we recommend you clean your reusable bags after each use. For sanitation purposes, we may not be able to use bags that pose a risk to our employees or customers


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