Food safety and customer’s health is a priority for Buehler’s employees!

Over 200 employees at Buehler’s Fresh Foods have been trained, tested and certified in safe food handling using the ServSafe program.

Employees are given 8 hours of instruction by Buehler’s two ServSafe certified instructors.  A third certified instructor will be added in August of this year.  Employees must pass a two hour exam with a grade of 75% or better to be certified and all employees in leadership or manager roles must receive certification.

Classes run throughout the year in all 13 stores.  Certification is current for five years, after which, recertification is required.

Buehler’s instructors have taught classes for other organizations due to their proficiency with the program.

Fifteen employees were certified in the most recent classes.

Wooster Milltown, Towne Market and Orrville: Lisa Webb, Fred Sweany, Pat Markley, Ron Bilderback and James Austin

Ashland: Kathleen Schnell and Eileen Roberts

Medina, Brunswick and Wadsworth: Alicia Meeks, Pat DiBiasio, Craig Mast, Kathy Hrabak, Ashley Mushat, JoAnne Vrtacnik

Delaware: Stacey Garnett and Sam Kondracki