Save time… buy your groceries online!

A Buehler’s personal shopper will prepare your order and have it ready for pick up or delivery (at select locations) at your convenience.

Use promo code CLICKLOADGO to waive your first 3 online shopping service fees! (normally $4.95)

Curbside Pickup • $4.95

Doorstep Delivery • Canton • Wadsworth • Medina River Styx

.01 – 5.0 miles  $9.95 |  5.01 – 10 miles $14.95  |  10.01 – 15 miles  $19.95

(Delivery fee includes online shopping fee.)


  1. Select your store. You will be directed to our online shopping partner, Rosie.
  2. Log in – or Register with Rosie if you are a first-time customer.
  3. Fill your cart. Select a pickup time – or choose delivery at select locations.
  4. Place your order!
  • Buehler’s Canton Nobles Pond

    Online Shopping with curbside pickup
    Doorstep Delivery – for up to a 15 mile radius from the Canton store

    7138 Fulton Drive NW, Canton, Ohio 44718 • (330) 834-3400

  • Buehler’s Medina River Styx

    Online Shopping with curbside pickup
    Doorstep Delivery
    – for up to a 15 mile radius from the Medina River Styx store

    3626 Medina Road, Medina, OH 44256 • (330) 725-5000

  • Buehler’s Wadsworth

    Online Shopping with curbside pickup
    Doorstep Delivery
    – for up to a 15 mile radius from the Wadsworth store

    175 Great Oaks Trail, Wadsworth, OH 44281 • (330) 336-3588

Give it a try! Order your groceries online….

Online shopping is perfect for busy parents, professionals and anyone who would like to spend more time doing what they love.

TIP: Don’t forget – you can also use the Rosie mobile app for iOS or Android.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Click, Load & Go®?

Click, Load & Go® is the name of Buehler’s online shopping platform.

Who is "Rosie" and how does it affect my online shopping experience?

Rosie is our partner for Buehler’s Click, Load & Go® online shopping platform. Rosie transmits your order to your local Buehler’s store where our personal shoppers complete your order.

Do I need to create a user name and password?

A username and password is required to use the service. A number of features, including the ability to save items in your cart for future use, stored loyalty card information, product recommendations, and saved shopping lists are just some of the benefits. Registering always allows us to offer you promotion codes in the future, as well. It’s free, fast, and easy – see “How do I get started?” for information on how to sign up.

How do I get started?

 First, be sure you have the most up-to-date web browser downloaded on your computer. Visit and select your store. The link will take you to the Rosie website where you can sign up for a free account. Once registered, begin shopping. Select a time for pickup, place your order, and that’s it!

I can’t seem to access the Rosie website. What should I do?

Please be sure you’ve downloaded the most recent version of your browser. Rosie works best on Chrome but will work with other up-to-date browsers just fine, as well. If you are still having trouble accessing the Rosie website, please contact their help desk at 1-855-ROSIENOW or email Rosie at and they will be able to assist you.

How do I access the mobile app?

The Rosie mobile app is available for both iOS and Android. You may find the app in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

How much does it cost to place an order?

Curbside Pickup  $4.95

Doorstep Delivery (available at select locations)

.01 – 5.0 miles  $9.95 |  5.01 – 10 miles $14.95  |  10.01 – 15 miles  $19.95

(Delivery fee includes online shopping fee.)

What are the pick-up times?

Pickup times are generally between 9am and 8pm, though they may vary by location.

What payment options are available?

Our Canton Nobles Pond location only offers a Pay Online option. All other locations currently support Pay Online and Pay at Curbside.

What credit cards do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Will I still accumulate Buehler’s Rewards?

Yes! You will continue to accumulate Buehler’s Rewards just as before, assuming you’ve entered your loyalty card information into Rosie.

Can I still use coupons on my orders?

 You may use coupons at locations where the “Pay at Store” option is available.

Will I be able to redeem my Buehler’s Rewards via the online shopping platform?

At this time we are not able to redeem your rewards when paying for your order online. If you’d like to use your rewards, please choose to pay at curbside (available everywhere except Canton Nobles Pond) and then let your personal shopping know you’d like to use your Buehler’s Rewards. Also keep in mind that you can redeem your Buehler’s Rewards at any Speedway location for discounts on fuel (you may enroll here: Rewards for Fuel

How does product pricing work on Rosie?

You will be able to receive all advertised discounts and promotions found in the Buehler’s weekly advertisement and enjoy the same product pricing as you would find if you shopped our traditional “brick and mortar” store locations. 

All prices are valid based on the day the order is picked up (not the day the order is placed).  During the checkout process there is special messaging to alert you if a sale price will expire on the day you’ve scheduled to pick up your order.

Do you still accept Buehler’s gift cards?

Only if you choose “Pay at Curbside”. We apologize but gift cards are not accepted as online payment at this time.

Do you offer a flat monthly fee for unlimited orders?

We do no currently offer a flat monthly fee for unlimited orders.

How can I view my order history?

After logging into the platform, click “My Orders” on the left hand side of the webpage. This will display your order history. If you are using a mobile app, select “My Orders” from the mobile drop down menu.

A Buehler’s personal shopper will fill your online groceriy shopping order.

Buehler's personal shopper will fill your online grocery order

After you place your online order, a Buehler’s personal shopper hand selects only the freshest, highest-quality products to fill your order.  Your personal shopper will also follow any specific instructions or notes you attach to your items in your cart; if you’d like your bananas a little greener or your lunch meat sliced extra thin, we can make that happen!

How is my food selected?

Your personal shopper is professionally trained and hand selects only the freshest, highest-quality products.  Your personal shopper will also follow any specific instructions or notes you attach to your items in your cart; if you’d like your bananas a little greener or your lunch meat sliced extra thin, we can make that happen.

What is the process for out of stock items and substitutions?

We strive to have all products in stock, but on occasion we may be out of stock of an item at the time your order is shopped by your personal shopper. 

You may select your preferences for substitution of items that are out of stock. 

  • You may select a default setting for substitutions by visiting the My Preferences page. 
  • For individual products, you can click on the product image. At the bottom of this window you will find the substitution indicator. Select from two options:
    Best Substitute, which indicates to the personal shopper to select the most similar item to the one you’ve ordered;
    or alternately, select No Substitute, which will instruct the shopper to cancel it from your order if the item is unavailable.

You will not be charged for any items not included in your order. 

Occasionally, your personal shopper may call you to clarify your substitution preference or confirm the best option for you.

What if I can’t find an item on the site?

No problem! A feature called “Can’t find it?” is available for this exact reason. Just give us a small explanation of what it is you’re looking for, add the product request to your cart, and we’ll do our best to locate it for you! The “Can’t find it?” option can be found in a number of places online: next to the search bar, at the end of product search results, or when you search for an item and no results are found.

An item is on special in the weekly ad but I don’t see it discounted on Rosie. What’s going on?

The Rosie platform does not support all forms of product discounts. While this is currently a technical limitation that prevents us from showing the proper discounted price online, your Buehler’s personal shopping will make any manual adjustments necessary when completing your order to ensure you receive all eligible discounts. If you’ve elected to “Pay Online”, your final charge will reflect these additional discounts. Please ask your personal shopper if you have any questions or concerns.

Will you offer delivery?

Currently, we offer delivery within 15 miles of our Canton, Medina River Styx and Wadsworth locations.  We continually look for opportunities to enhance our customer experience, and may offer delivery service at our other online shopping locations in the future.