Fruity Pebbles Cereal, Fruit Flavor 11 oz

Celebrate creativity and enjoy fruity Yabba Dabba Doo deliciousness with every bowl of Post Fruity PEBBLES Kids Cereal. These colorful gluten free cereal pieces spark joy at breakfast time for kids and help spark little imaginations for a day full of adventures. Fruity PEBBLES cereal rice crisps deliver a sweet fruity crunch with every spoonful and inspires kids to power their inner creativeness. There are endless ways to enjoy the fruity flavor of Fruity PEBBLES kid cereal. Enjoy this crisped rice cereal by itself or in a classic morning cereal bowl with milk. Or, let the creativity run wild and come up with all sorts of fun homemade dessert ideas with this cereal box of Fruity PEBBLES rice crisp. Use dried Fruity PEBBLES cereal to top bite sized mini cheesecake cups or use this gluten free cereal to make a fun Fruity PEBBLES mug cake. You can even use this rainbow colored fruity cereal with other kids art supplies to craft delightful kid art projects that little ones will have a blast creating. No matter the age, this vibrant cereal box of sweetened cereal rice crisps appeals to creators of all ages and inspires everyone to dream big. Encourage kids to Never Stop Doo-ing with Post Fruity PEBBLES Cereal.