Great Lakes Brewing Co. Turntable Pils - 6 PK

Great Lakes Brewing Co. Turntable Pils. The A-side Earthy, fresh hop aromas. The B-side A smooth, balanced malt groove. Turntable pils: Thanks for flipping to the B-side of our package. Drop the needle on our label artwork to reveal a record sleeve with a collector's description-our tribute to the local record shops, labels, and artists who've kept the state of Ohio grooving throughout history. Learn more about our beer at Recommended glassware: Turntable pils pairs well with pizza, spicy Thai dishes, and crate digging. Great Lakes Brewing Co. is an environmentally and socially conscious craft brewery from Cleveland Ohio. Visit our historic brewpub and see for yourself! Please recycle. It's kind of our thing. 6 twelve oz. bottles. Flip that record and wax nostalgic about Ohio's deep-cut music legacy with our refreshing pilsner. Consider this our reissue of a classic style. A Czech-style pilsner. 216.771.4404. Great Lakes® Brewing Co., Turntable Pils™, and all associated artwork and logos are trademarks of Great Lakes Brewing Company.