Joan of Arc Dark Red Kidney Beans 15.5 oz

Joan of Arc Dark Red Kidney Beans let you add great tasting protein to salads, soups, chili and casseroles. These rich, slightly sweet canned kidney beans come fully cooked and can be eaten hot or cold. Combine them with rice for a complete block of economical protein that includes all of the essential amino acids. These high fiber kidney beans are also an excellent source of vitamin C, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folate, copper and manganese. Certified gluten-free. Excellent source of fiber. Good source of protein. Joan of Arc Dark Red Kidney Beans have a rich color and distinctive flavor. They will do justice to any of your family recipes. These hearty legumes are also a good source of protein. You can count on all Joan of Arc beans to retain their delicious flavor and firm texture after cooking.