Kit Kat Crisp Wafers, Milk Chocolate 9.6 Oz

If you want to share chocolate treats to show how much you care on Valentine's Day, this pack of KIT KAT® Miniatures milk chocolate wafer candy bars has you covered. Break a pack open and share these fun size bars with everyone around you to give your nearest and dearest the gift of delicious. Valentine's Day can be about self-love too, so remember to treat yourself to these crisp, crunchy wafers coated in creamy, smooth milk chocolate. The individually wrapped, certified kosher chocolates in this festive bag are perfect for home and office sharing, but don't forget to hold onto a few for your movie marathons and Valentine's Day baking. Crumble a KIT KAT® Miniatures milk chocolate wafer candy bar over each cupcake, cookie or brownie you bake for the season and watch as your recipe becomes the crowd favorite — just make sure you're ready to bake it again for next year's Valentine's Day party!