Klondike Frozen Dairy Dessert Bars, Vanilla, Krunch 6 ea

Every Krunch sounds as good as it tastes. Klondike Krunch Frozen Dairy Dessert Bars 6ct are coated in our classic milk-chocolate shell for the delight of ice cream lovers everywhere. Classic vanilla frozen treat covered in our irresistible chocolatey coating, then generously speckled with crispy, crunchy puffed rice. If the Krunch Bar were a karate move, the move would be called: "The Krunch," and it would entail gently placing one of these chocolate-coated ninja treats directly into your opponent's mouth. Hiya! You know it's a Klondike frozen dessert when you open that silver foil, and hear the "crack" as you bite into its chocolatey shell, which holds in all of that delicious, ice-creamy goodness. This piece of stickless, bowl-and-spoonless perfection lets you enjoy the wonderful wonders of a simple dessert anytime, anywhere. Take the time to treat yourself. We know that life isn't always as easy as it should be, so reward yourself for doing that thing you just did. Klondike supports you! You can have Klondike Bars as a frozen snack, a treat, to relax, or just to give your mouth some sweet satisfaction. Try Klondike Bars in 8 flavors, including our Original Bar made with vanilla ice cream, for unlimited deliciousness. They are all chocolate coated with milk and cream from American cows that are not treated with artificial growth hormones. Be sure to try Klondike's other mouth-watering frozen treats, like the delicious Cookies & Creme Sandwich, perfect for cookies and cream ice cream lovers.