Life Savers Gummies, 5 Flavors 7 oz

Get ready for a hole-lot of fun with our LIFE SAVERS Gummies Candy. These soft and sweet colorful fruit flavored treats are sure to brighten up your day! This 7-ounce assorted candy bag contains the delicious fruit flavors of cherry, watermelon, green apple, strawberry, and orange. Yum! Your guests will love it when you stock your candy buffets and favor bags with LIFE SAVERS Gummies chewy fruit candy. Need a midday pick me up? When you share a handful of fruity LIFE SAVERS at the office, you'll be everyone's favorite coworker. Before you press play at your next family movie night, be sure to stop by the pantry to pick up this fruit gummy treat! Because when you pass around a bag of LIFE SAVERS, everyone's happy! Add a little extra color to your life by ordering our LIFE SAVERS Gummies Candy assortment today!