Purina Fancy Feast Petites Gourmet Wet Cat Food Pate, Petites Braised Chicken Entree

Show your fancy feline how much she’s loved with the irresistible flavor in every bite of Purina Fancy Feast Petites Braised Chicken Entree gourmet wet cat food. Each Fancy Feast wet cat food tray breaks apart into two perfectly sized containers of blissfully delicious, silk smooth pate. Snap off a convenient, fuss-free tub to deliver just the right amount of wet cat food pate to her dish. With no mess and no leftovers, all you have to do is throw away the empty Fancy Feast pate wet cat food tray and get back to spending time with your favorite feline. This single serving cat food pate is made with classy cats like yours in mind and has no artificial preservatives or colors to meet your high standards. Plus, we craft our Fancy Feast chicken pate with real braised chicken and ensure an enticing flavor and texture to keep her engaged with every bite. Serve a gourmet dish of Purina Fancy Feast Petites single serve wet cat food pate, and delight your furry connoisseur’s senses with the purr-worthy poultry flavor she’s been waiting for.