SmartyKat Cat Toy, Hum Singer

Real hummingbird song. Realistic sound toy with feathers excites cats. Hunt: 1 of your cat's 10 needs. Satisfied hunting instinct. Hummingbird sound toy. Complete Needs System: scratch; stimulation; privacy; explore; hunt; care; interaction; comfort; independence; exercise. Hunt is a natural instinct for cats. Toys that trigger this drive to stalk, chase, and pounce allow playtime to replicate the thrill of the hunt with kinder prey. This toy helps meet cats' need for hunting. Use the Complete Needs System to find products that satisfy your cat's other needs. Learn more at Eco Advantages: fiberfills is made from 100% recycled plastic. Safer for Pets: SmartyKat products are designed to meet child safetystandards - eliminating small parts, long cords & other hazards - to ensure they're safer. Contains recycled plastic. Satisfactions Guarantee: If youre not completely satisfied with your purchase, call (303) 623-3327. Please retain packaging for future reference as it contains important information. Facebook: SmartyKat Products. Instagram: (at)smartykatbrand. Designed in USA. Made in China.