V8 Splash® Tropical Blend, Strawberry Kiwi, Berry Blend, 16 oz. bottles (Pack of 12)

70 calories per 8 fl oz. Gluten free. Antioxidant vitamins A & C. Partially produced with genetic engineering. For information about GMO ingredients visit whatsinmyfood.com. Tropical Blend: A flavored juice beverage with 5 juices and mango puree from concentrate. Strawberry Kiwi: A strawberry and kiwi flavored juice beverage with 4 juices from concentrate. Berry Blend: A berry flavored juice beverage with 6 juices from concentrate with other natural flavors. Splash. Satisfaction guaranteed. If you have questions or comments, please call 1-800-871-0988. Please have code and date information from container or cap available. www.v8Splash.com. whatinmyfood.com. Visit our website at www.v8Splash.com. Please recycle.