Advantage Rewards

Save on groceries, or save at the pump. With the Advantage® Card, you choose your reward. Use it in store, at our restaurants or at our fuel stations. You earn reward points for every dollar you spend and we’ll track your progress. You’ve earned the points, you choose how to reward yourself. It’s one more way Buehler’s Puts People First!

Save on Food

When you accumulate 50,000 reward points you can redeem points for $10 instantly off your bill. Redeem all or part of your Rewards in $10 increments, up to $300 in any one transaction.

Save on Fuel

We’ve partnered with Speedway for our fuel redemption program. Save 10¢ off per gallon at select Speedway stations for each $60 you spend at Buehler’s.

How It Works

Earning points couldn’t be easier. Just present your card when you pay at the store, our Ace Hardware Locations, restaurants and fuel stations.

Program Details

  • $50 in purchase = 5,000 points = $1 in Rewards
  • Cannot combine Advantage® Cards
  • Update your information at the Service Center to assure your household is using the same Advantage® card number. We can supply duplicate cards instantly!
  • Purchase exclusions: alcohol (beer, wine and  liquor), tobacco, postage stamps, Buehler’s Gift Cards, propane, money orders, Visa (and other pre-paid re-loadable gift cards), Rx Medicare Part D and Medicaid.

Rolling Expiration Date

Reward points are ongoing with a rolling expiration date. Points expire three (3) months after the last day of the month in which you earned your points. (Example: August points will expire November 30)

You’re always in the know!

The bottom of your receipt tells you how many points you earned on each shopping trip, and when those points will expire. You will also see any Rewards that expire at the end of the month.

Fuel Rewards Receipt Example

Frequently Asked Questions

What is new with Buehler’s Rewards?

You have a choice on how to redeem your Buehler’s Reward Points; CHOOSE food or fuel. Earn discounts on fuel at Speedway locations with qualifying purchases made at Buehler’s Fresh Foods using your Buehler’s Advantage® Card. Same rewards program with rolling expiration date and points earned on eligible purchases at Buehler’s register.   

How do I earn Buehler’s Rewards?

Just use your Buehler’s Advantage® Card when you checkout and your purchases add up to Rewards! Also, use your Advantage® Card at our Ace Hardware, in our restaurants, just about anywhere at Buehler’s. Some purchases are excluded per state and federal laws.*

Can I switch back and forth between Rewards for Fuel and Groceries?

Yes, your choice, redeem your points for food at checkout, or for fuel at any Speedway location.

How much do I earn for Buehler’s Rewards for Food?

Earn 5,000 points or $1 in Rewards for every $50 you spend. Redeem your Rewards instantly at checkout when you accumulate at least $10 in Rewards. Your cashier will ask if you want your Rewards taken off your grocery bill, or you can continue to accumulate and redeem when you are ready. Rewards are redeemed in $10 increments. You must have your Buehler’s Advantage® Card to redeem. You may choose to redeem your Rewards for Fuel instead of Food.

How do I redeem my Rewards for Food?

You must present your Buehler’s Advantage® Card at the register. Rewards are redeemed in $10 increments and you must earn at least $10 in rewards to redeem. A maximum of $300 may be redeemed in one transaction.

How do I start earning Buehler’s Rewards for Fuel?

To enroll in Buehler’s Rewards for Fuel, you must link your Buehler’s Advantage Cards to your Speedy Rewards Card. There are four (4) options to link your cards: go to,, Buehler’s Service Center, or the kiosk inside Speedway locations. Then, use your Buehler’s Advantage Card each time you shop, and earn points for every dollar you spend at Buehler’s Fresh Foods and inside Buehler’s Restaurants. Earn Rewards even faster when you purchase retailer gift cards from our gift card mall. Some exclusions may apply.

How much do I earn for Buehler’s Rewards for Fuel?

Earn 10¢ off per gallon at Speedway for every $60 you spend at Buehler’s Fresh Foods with your Buehler’s Advantage Card.

How do I sign up for a Buehler’s Advantage® Card or a Speedy Rewards Card??

Sign up here for a Buehler’s Advantage® Card or visit any Buehler’s Service Center. Speedy Reward cards are available at Buehler’s or Speedway locations.

When do my Rewards Points expire?

Reward points have a rolling expiration date. Points expire three (3) months after the last day of the month in which points are earned. (Example: points earned any day in December expire on the last day in March).

I forgot my Advantage® Card. Can I still earn points on my purchases?

Yes, your cashier can look up your account if you give us the phone number on your account. You MUST HAVE YOUR ADVANTAGE CARD TO REDEEM your Rewards.

How can I track my Buehler’s Rewards Points?

View your Buehler’s Rewards balance the following ways: on your Buehler’s register receipt, at after logging on with your Buehler’s Advantage Cards at after logging on with your Speedy Rewards card, or at the kiosk inside Speedway locations with your Speed Rewards Card.

Why didn’t my Rewards print on the bottom of my register receipt?

You have not earned rewards or our network is “down”. Points will be restored when the network is restored.

I’m a part of a group, organization or business; how can we get Buehler’s Rewards?

Buehler’s can provide you with as many Advantage® Cards as you need, with the same number, for your group. This assures your group, school, church or business will get credit for its purchases. When your members/employees shop for your organization, group, school, church or business they must have the card for your group and not their own personal Advantage® Card.

For a group, organization or business; are we able to restrict who is able to redeem our Buehler’s Rewards?

Please contact the Service Center at your local Buehler’s store. We will keep a card on file of who is permitted to redeem your Buehler’s Rewards. Only the person(s) on file will be permitted to redeem your Rewards at the Service Center. You will not be permitted to redeem your Rewards in a check out lane. Your Rewards will be redeemed for a Buehler’s Gift Card in the appropriate amount.

When I redeem my Buehler’s Rewards, do I get to keep any leftover Rewards?

Yes, you may redeem all or part of your Rewards in $10 increments and up to $300 in any one transaction to reduce your bill. Your receipt tells you if any Rewards expire at the end of the current month. Just redeem your Rewards by the rolling Reward expiration date.

Is it to my advantage for everyone in my household to have a Buehler’s Advantage® Card with the same account number?

Yes, you will accumulate Rewards faster. Just stop by Buehler’s Service Center and we can issue as many cards with the same account number as needed and delete unused cards from the computer system.

What are the limits associated with Fuel Points?

Cents off per gallon will be redeemed in increments of 10¢. Discounted fuel cannot exceed 25 gallons for one vehicle in one transaction. Minimum cost is 10¢ per gallon.

How do I redeem my 10¢ per gallon fuel discount?

Redeem 10¢ off per gallon by swiping your Speedy Rewards Card at the pump at any Speedway locations. Buehler’s Rewards for Fuel are tracked electronically on your Buehler’s Advantage Card.

What if my discounts exceed the price of fuel per gallon?

If accumulated points exceed the minimum cost of 10¢ per gallon, remaining points will roll-over to a future visit.

Are there purchases excluded from qualifying for Reward Points?

Yes, exclusions include purchases of beer, wine, tobacco, postage stamps, Buehler’s Gift Cards, propane, money orders, Visa (and other prepaid reloadable gift cards, Rx Medicare Part D and Medicaid, alcohol, state and federally funded prescriptions, fund raising activities, donations, lottery, sales tax or other taxes paid by customer.

My email address or personal information on my Buehler’s Advantage® Card account has changed. How do I update my account?

Update your account here or stop by Buehler’s Service Center.

Do all Buehler locations participate in the Buehler’s Rewards for Fuel?

Yes, earn Buehler’s Rewards points at any Buehler’s Fresh Foods location, and redeem Buehler’s Rewards for Fuel at any Speedway location.

Can I get a gift card or a gasoline card for my Rewards?

Yes, purchase the card(s) you want and your Rewards will be deducted from your total purchases when/as you accumulate at least $10 in Rewards.You may also redeem for a Buehler’s Gift Card if you prefer.

Additional questions?

Please stop by or call Buehler’s Service Center, or email us at