Green Field Farms specializes in organic vegetables.

Green Field Farms Harnesses Benefits of Organic Farming

Dedicated to growing premium-quality produce for their families and surrounding communities, Green Field Farms is an outstanding source for locally grown organic vegetables for Buehler’s – and our customers.

Founded in 2013, Green Field Farms is a co-op that provides technical guidance, resources, marketing and distribution for a network of Amish farmers. Many of the members use the same farming practices that their forefathers have used for generations. The success of the co-op has enabled members to thrive and continue to live off the land.

As with all organically raised produce, the standards are strict about use of chemicals. Green Field Farms excels in monitoring and certifying crops produced for the co-op. Each farm has its own Organic Certificate. And Green Field Farms products also carry  their Amish Buggy seal of authenticity which guarantees the product was produced to their specifications.

The co-op is best known for producing their local and fresh produce,” Sarah Ann Hershberger, of Green Field Farms, said. “Be sure to look for the Certified Organic seal of approval—it’s the one with the horse and buggy.”

Organic Vegetables Raised Locally

Here are some of the organic Green Field Farms products you’ll find in Buehler’s Produce Department.

Green Beans

Sweet Corn


Swiss Chard






Yellow Squash