Hartzler Family Dairy Milking Success

Thanks to the wisdom of local farmer Harold Hartzler, Wayne County is home to an internationally recognized model farm…..It’s one of the first “modern” farms to go natural and spurn the use of petrochemicals – way back in 1964. Harold soon found that his model resulted in healthier livestock, cropland and, of course, great tasting milk!

Compelled to share their great tasting milk – produced with no harmful chemicals, Harold and his wife Patricia opened Hartzler’s Dairy. They sold their first bottle of milk in 1996.

Hartzler’s milk is special, not just because it is produced without chemicals; it on non-homogenized. You’d find the cream rises to the top – so be sure to give it a shake before pouring. And it’s also pasteurized with a special low-temp method, which results in a healthier product.

Look for Hartzler’s milk – in their trademark retro glass jugs – in Buehler’s Dairy Department.

Give this Healthy milk a try!