Mt Hope Auction

Mt. Hope Farmer’s Produce Auction

In the midst of Amish country, you’ll often see a Buehler’s semi heading toward Mt. Hope. It’s on its way to the the Farmer’s Produce Auction to purchase some of the best fruits, vegetables and more – grown locally in Holmes and Wayne Counties.

Dave Graf drives Buehler's semi to Mt. Hope Produce Auction

Dave Graf drives one of Buehler’s semi trucks to the Mt. Hope Farmer’s Produce Auction to get the freshest fruits and vegetables available for our customers.

Produce is auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Mt. Hope Farmer’s Produce Action website states, “95% of all produce and fall items are produced locally within miles of the Auction with most of our growers being Amish.”

Ever since it opened in 1995, the auction has been an outlet for local farmers to grow and sell their produce in bulk to buyers throughout the state. The first of its kind in Ohio, it remains one of the largest in the state. The auction is a one-stop source for wholesale buyers to purchase a truckload of produce – or several semi loads. The sale provides a unique opportunity for buyers of all kinds to buy the freshest and highest quality produce, flowers, or fall decorations at one location at a wholesale price.

The auction operates from April through mid-November. Starting with spring flowers and winding down in the fall with pumpkins, squash and such. Mt. Hope Farmer’s Produce Auction invites you to view/visit/enjoy/and BUY from our local farm fresh Auction. Dates and times are available on their website. Learn more….

How handy for Buehler’s to just drive down to Mt. Hope, check out the produce harvested by local growers, purchase the BEST, and drive it back to our warehouse. Hours later the produce is on a truck headed for your local Buehler’s location. That’s why we say in the field one day, on your table the next!

Buehler’s truck is loaded with fresh produce from the Mt. Hope Farmer’s Produce Auction.