Breyers Ice Cream, Light, Lactose Free, Vanilla 1.5 qt

Have a lactose sensitivity? No problem. Try our Breyers Lactose-Free Vanilla Ice Cream. It's the same great vanilla, just without the lactose. A creamy, delicious low-fat ice cream made with real vanilla bean specks. Our low-calorie ice cream contains 1/3 fewer calories than regular ice cream. Can you count all the specks in your spoon? While you're counting, imagine those marvelous specks as vanilla pods growing in Madagascar. Our vanilla is 100% sustainably sourced and through our partnership with Rainforest Alliance, your Breyers Lactose-Free Ice Cream is also supporting farmers and their families in Madagascar. We believe that the quality of our ingredients makes the delicious vanilla frozen dessert, and that's why we follow the spirit of William Breyer's Pledge of Purity, which he started in 1866. Back in his day, he made a stand to use only the best milk, cream, sugar, and fruit in his Breyers ice cream in Philadelphia. He would not compromise quality, and now more than 150 years later, we still follow his philosophy. We pledge to use only high-quality ingredients like colors and flavors from natural sources, 100% Grade-A milk and cream from American cows not treated with artificial growth hormones, and sustainably farmed fruit and vanilla. Try our Breyer's Light Ice Cream and see if you agree Leave us a review at The FDA states that no significant difference has been shown between dairy derived from rBST-treated and non-rBST-treated cows.