Dr. Praeger's Turk'y Burger, Perfect 2 ea

Purely sensible foods. 3 types of veggies. Great on grill. Individually wrapped. Pure Plant Protein: Our Perfect Turk'y Burger combines high quality pea protein with 3 types of veggies. It cooks up just like your favorite patty on the grill or stove-top skillet. Looking for a delicious and juicy plant based turk'y burger? This is your Perfect choice! Where You Rall the Ingredients: Our recipes are full of pronounceable ingredients with irresistible flavor and uncommon combinations. Tasty and smart aren't meant to be apart. Sense of Family: Brings families together to share nutritious meals and snacks. Multi-Sense (ory) Meals: Providers meals that create an enjoyable food experience. Sense-ibly Sourced: Crafts foods made with traceable ingredients. Recyclable paperboard packaging. Sense of Community: Supports organizations that share our commitment to strengthening communities.