K&N's Kabab, Chapli

Ground chicken meat patties with fresh onions and cracked coriander seeds. Gluten free. No MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) added. No preservatives. No nitrates or nitrites. 0 g trans fat per serving (as per FDA guidelines). 100% vegetarian fed. Chicken raised without antibiotics. No mechanically separated chicken meat. No added hormones or steroids (Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones and steroids in chicken). Inspected for wholesomeness by US Department of Agriculture. Spice Level: Medium. No mechanically separated chicken meat. Kabab Temptations! Steeped in flavor and centuries old food tradition K&N's Kabab Temptations - our eclectic range of Kababs - brings the best of ethnic taste to the discerning palate. Our collection of delectable kababs embodies the diverse nature of this food, which hails from Eastern Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and South Asian regions. Each kabab is as unique in flavor, shape, size, and preparation method as its origin. Indulge in K&N's Kabab Temptations to bring home the taste of diverse cuisines. Baked chapli kabab. Chapli kabab burger. Nature is all about being pure. At K&N's our ethos drives us to be Purely Different - by providing products that are not just varied in flavor profiles, but also in the way we produce them. We believe it is our responsibility to ensure food is produced with the highest standards of food production ethics because nourishing the body with wholesome food is desired by all of humanity. This is the reason why we only use hand-cut Halal certified chicken - for its exceptional quality as a higher-grade product, and its seal of assurance for more humane treatment of poultry - so that our products can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of faith. We ensure chickens are raised on a 100% vegetarian diet without antibiotics, hormones or steroids (as per FDA guidelines). Premium boneless chicken is the primary ingredient in all our products. Mechanically separated chicken meat is never used at K&N's. Soy protein is not used as a filler to replace chicken meat. We do not add monosodium glutamate (MSG), artificial preservatives, nitrates, nitrites; and all our products are trans fat free (0g per serving Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones and steroids in chicken)). Our chicken products are made with the finest breading materials, locally sourced fresh vegetables, real cheddar cheese (without any animal rennet), and a variety of exotic herbs and spices in our proprietary blends of seasoning. Choose any product from our tempting collection of kababs, our delightful collection of breaded products, or our Deline branded frankfurters and cold cuts, and you will know K&N's is not just different, but Purely Different. SmartCooking with K&N. Enjoy Chapli Kabab on its own, or download our SmartCooking App to access numerous recipes, so you can create exceptional and hassle-free meals, such as these. Scan QR code or download at KandNs.us/app. KandN.us/contactus. KandNs.us. Recyclable cardboard. Hand-cut Halal certified. Product of USA.