Luden's Sore Throat Drops, For Minor Sore Throat Relief, Wild Cherry, 30 Count

For over 100 years, Luden's has been soothing scratchy, dry, irritated, and sore throats with our great-tasting throat drops. Luden's deliciously soothing throat drops help provide sore throat relief for the whole family, including kids ages 3 and up. Luden's throat drops are made with pectin rather than menthol, so they taste amazing and are ideal for everyday irritations. Luden's Wild Cherry drops for sore throat relief come in a resealable bag of individually wrapped sore throat lozenge drops, so they're perfect for use at home or on-the-go. Luden's also offers Dual Relief Wild Cherry cough drops for temporary relief of sore throats and cough associated with a cold or inhaled irritants. The Luden's Wild Cherry Sugar Free variety is a great option for adults and kids. Allow one drop to dissolve slowly in mouth and repeat as needed or as directed by a doctor. Whenever you experience a dry throat or dry mouth, reach for a Luden's deliciously soothing throat drop in your favorite flavor.