Mott's No Sugar Added 6 Pack Apple Applesauce 6 ea

No artificial flavors or colors. 1 serving of fruit per snack container (Provides 1 fruit serving per snack container. Per MyPlate, 1 snack container = 1 cup fruit. Current USDA Dietary Guidelines recommend a daily intake of 1 cups of fruit for a 2,000 calorie diet). Gluten free. No artificial sweeteners. Good source of vitamin C. No sugar added. Non GMO (Non-GMO/GE. Certified by NSF. This product is not produced with genetic engineering methods or materials according to the requirements of NSF Non-GMO True North. For more consumer information on NSF Non-GMO True North, please visit our website Since 1842. Unsweetened. Made from real fruit which may contain seeds, stems or other pieces of natural fruit. Natural separation may occur. Let's play. Please recycle.