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Oikos Triple Zero Nonfat Greek Yogurt Strawberry

Oikos® Triple Zero Nonfat Greek Yogurt Strawberry. 0 added sugar*. 0 artificial sweeteners. 0% fat. Vitamin D. Nonfat yogurt. *Not a low calorie food. 15g protein. Dannon®. Blended greek yogurt. NFL. Oikos is the official yogurt of the NFL. 5.3 oz (150g). Grade A. With room for toppings. Live & Active Cultures™. *Meets National Yogurt Association criteria for Live and Active Culture yogurt. A product of the Danone Group. Certified GF Gluten-Free. Contains active yogurt cultures. Oikos is a registered trademark of Stonyfield Farm, Inc. Comments 1-877-326-6668. ©2017 Dannon.