Spice Classics Garlic Powder 2.5 oz

Spice Classics® Garlic Powder provides great garlic flavor in a convenient powder that pairs well with many ingredients. As a favorite pantry staple, garlic powder is perfect for many adding complexity and savory satisfaction to many dishes. Garlic powder has all the advantages of whole, fresh garlic with a longer shelf life. Thinly sliced cloves undergo dehydration before being ground into a fine powder. Spice Classics® Garlic Powder mimics flour's texture, making it far less coarse than granulated garlic. Ultra-fine garlic powder is ideal for consistent blending in liquids and dry spice rubs. Looking to whisk together a marinade, make a quick dish or infuse a recipe with intense garlic flavor? If so, opt for garlic powder to prepare your dish in record time. Culinary uses for garlic powder include seasoning curried dishes, chutneys, pickles, stews, spaghetti, salads, mayonnaise, sauces, and tomato ketchup. You can also use garlic to enhance oils and use them to enhance pasta, vegetables, bread, and meat or bring out brighter flavors in low-sodium dishes. Spice Classics® Garlic Powder makes an excellent addition to spice blends and rubs and is great for spreading on bread to make crostini, bruschetta, canapé and garlic toast.