Gerber’s Amish Farm Chicken celebrates 64 years of ‘quality worth crowing about’

Year after year, Gerber’s Amish Farm Chicken has been producing the highest quality and best-tasting chicken products available.

Located in Ohio’s Amish Country, Gerber’s Amish Farm Chicken began its start in 1952 when Dwight and Melva Gerber began processing chickens that were grown on their family farm.

The duo began their business by delivering fresh and clean chickens to their customers in their local community. Now, the business has grown to have a modern processing and packing plant.

Gerber’s stands out from other chickens, because the family has taken the time to perfect the feeding formula, as well as the way they raise their chickens, Lisa Shoup, vice president of sales and marketing at Gerber Poultry, Inc., said.

“We’ve worked with our feed suppliers, nutritionist’s, animal welfare consultants, farmers and caretakers for over six decades to develop a nutritious diet and a safe, healthy living environment for our birds,” Lisa said. “Our unique methods insure that Gerber’s chicken really is different and more satisfying than national brands. Customers commonly refer to our chicken as being ‘like the chicken they had from Grandpa’s farm.’”

All of their growers have to follow a very specific and stringent set of rules and guidelines set by Gerber, which includes requirements in animal health, welfare and nutrition. The business guarantees that guidelines are being followed by incorporating the “Farm Team,” who are the eyes and ears of the company and spends their time visiting Gerber’s 150 growers.

They believe in raising and feeding their chickens the right way—the natural way. Their diet includes an all-vegetarian diet with no antibiotics, no animal or bakery by-products, no arsenic, no growth stimulants, no hormones and all non-GMO products. To perfect their standards, all of the birds are sustainably raised in spacious houses and given access to roam freely to eat and drink as they wish.

Because of their standards, they have won numerous taste tests over the years, as well as a credible reputation. Dwight always said it was “quality worth crowing about.”

Gerber’s Amish Farm Chicken has been a producer for Buehler’s Fresh Foods for more than 20 years. They are also a member of Ohio Proud, Ohio Poultry Association, FACTA, Where Food Comes From, Ohio Grocers Association and U.S. Poultry.

“Gerber is a company of significance: We matter to our team members, our customers and our suppliers,” Lisa said. “We want to be a place where our team members want to work, from whom our customers want to buy product and with whom our suppliers want to do business.”

Gerber strives daily to develop lasting relationships with all of employees, customers and suppliers, and they work diligently to produce poultry products that meet or exceed all of their customers’ expectations.

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Chicken Rub Recipe


• 1 part chili powder

• 1 part paprika

• 1 part med. ground black pepper

• 1 part Lawry’s season salt

• 1 part kosher salt

• 1 part granulated garlic

• 3-4 parts brown sugar


  1. Apply to meat liberally and allow meat to rest 15 minutes minimum.

Recipe is a family favorite created by a son-in-law to one of the Gerber Poultry, Inc. owners.