Buehler’s Fresh Foods hosts “Drive-Thru Soup Fundraiser” to benefit A Whole Community, Inc. 

Thursday, September 28, 2023 from 3:30-6:30 PM in the Buehler’s Milltown store parking lot


Buehler’s “Drive-Thru Soup Fundraiser” on Thursday, September 28, 2023 from 3:30-6:30 PM will offer a Soup Dinner (16 oz. soup, 2 dinner rolls, and 1 cider and spice donut) for $12.00.  Optional pottery bowls donated by Jack Rogers will also be available for an additional $12.00.  The proceeds from the event will assist A Whole Community, Inc. (AWC) with its Community Food Project.  AWC gathers fresh produce from local farms and delivers to local food pantries, free meal sites, and low-income neighborhoods. This is AWC’s seventh year in providing low-income individuals with access to nutritious, farm-fresh produce, which improves food security and their overall health. 

A Whole Community, Inc. (AWC) is a 501(c)(3) public non-profit organization that helps individuals, families, and communities transition to wholeness.  This is AWC’s seventh year operating a Community Food Project, which has four goals: 1) Reduce food waste, 2) Increase farm-fresh produce offered to needy individuals at food pantries, community meal sites, and low-income neighborhoods, 3) Increase nutrition, and 4) Assist local farmers with sustainability.

Over the past six years, AWC has provided 428,492 pounds of farm-fresh produce to those in need by delivering to 40 food pantries, meal sites, senior communities, recovery housing, and low-income neighborhoods. 

In 2022, AWC purchased 3,363 boxes of fresh, local produce, that weighed a total of 61,267 pounds from 37 farms.  AWC coordinated 32 community volunteers and summer youth workers who sort, organize, track and deliver the fresh produce. AWC delivered the farm-fresh produce to 40 food pantries, meal sites, senior communities, recovery housing, and low-income neighborhoods, serving over 4,000 individuals monthly for four months (Mid-June – Mid-October). AWC also provides recipes and nutrition education to encourage healthy ways to prepare the fresh produce to eat or freeze for future use. We are successful when low-income individuals have access to nutritious, farm-fresh produce, which improves food security and their health.

For more information or to give online to A Whole Community, Inc., visit www.AWCinc.org.

“Once again, Buehlers Fresh Food is showing their care for the community by hosting the 2023 Empty Bowls Drive Thru Soup Fundraiser. All proceeds will go to A Whole Community, Inc. to support our efforts as we deliver farm-fresh produce to those in need. I am grateful to Buehlers Fresh Foods for their ongoing support to our organization for the past six years.  I am also thankful for Jack Rogers, who continues to create and donate pottery bowls that are available for purchase at the event. We look forward to community members coming to this event, where they can stay in their car and drive through to purchase a delicious Buehler’s soup dinner and optional pottery bowl, while ultimately helping to feed others.” shared Karen Potter, Executive Director for A Whole Community, Inc.  For more information, visit AWC’s website: www.AWCinc.org

Jennifer Hudson, Marketing Director at Buehler’s said, “as a local, employee owned grocery store, we are committed to addressing the hunger needs in our local communities. We are able to fulfill that mission while doing what we’re best at by partnering with A Whole Community, Inc. and providing fresh, homemade food for the drive thru soup fundraiser. 

The event flyer is attached.

About Buehler’s

Buehler’s Fresh Foods was founded in 1929 by E.L. Buehler and his wife, Helen. In 2017, Buehler’s went through a management buyout while forming an ESOP. Buehler’s currently operates 14 supermarkets, 8 liquor agencies, outside catering, coffee shops and a food truck named Ferris. Buehler’s Fresh Foods is committed to environmentally responsible behavior, local sourcing of product and supporting the communities in which we operate.