90-Second Shopping Spree Fundraiser

Buehler’s offers a fun fundraiser for nonprofit organizations – a 90-Second Shopping Spree! Your group sells tickets and one lucky winner gets to shop at Buehler’s for 90-seconds – loading as many groceries as possible in their cart!

Buehler’s will provide your organization with 500 shopping spree tickets, which you sell for any denomination you choose. Then you choose a drawing date.

The WINNER gets a 90-second shopping spree at Buehler’s. Your organization is liable for the groceries obtained by the winning shopper (usually $300-500) and your organization keeps the rest of the profit.

The winning shopper can pick any two of one item. The contest excludes medications, alcohol, tobacco, Ace Hardware, gift cards, lottery, post office, small appliances, floral & gift department items.

One participant per shopping spree.

Contact the Community Relations Specialist or Store Manager at your local Buehler’s to learn more.

If you’d like you can print this Shopping Spree Application Form to bring with you when you apply. Forms are also available at the store.