Wishbone Ranch Salad Dressing – 24 oz.

  • Date of recall: 6/24/2015
  • UPC code(s): 41321-00661
  • Lot code(s) (if applicable): Best if Used By: Feb 17 16
  • Manufacturer of item: Pinnacle Foods LLC
  • Toll free number of manufacturer for information & questions: 1-888-299-7646
  • Reason for recall: Wishbone Ranch Salad Dressing is accidently packed with Blue Cheese instead – has undeclared eggs on the label
  • PLEASE return products to any Buehler’s location for a refund or replacement

Buehler’s Fresh Foods Recognizes Local Ohio Growers

Buehler’s Fresh Foods honored local family farmers and growers who supply fresh fruits, vegetables, and floral products to their stores at the Local Growers Appreciation Luncheon on Wednesday, June 10, 2015. The event was appropriately held at the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center on The Ohio State University ATI Campus in Wooster, Ohio.

Distinguished speakers at the event included David T. Daniels, Director Ohio Department of Agriculture, who discussed the importance of the food and agriculture industry to the state’s economy, impacting the employment of one of every seven Ohioans; as well as Nate Filler, President and CEO Ohio Grocers Association, who highlighted Buehler’s unique ability to connect, develop and maintain the connection between the growers and the consumer.

Buehler’s also selected four growers with special recognition for their success over the past year. These winners included; “Organic Grower” David Raber, Greenfield Farms, “Top Volume Grower” Fruit Growers Marketing Association, “Loyal Partner” Maurer Farms, and “Sustainable Partner” Eagle Creek Nursery. Each grower received a Buehler’s gift bag filled with signature products and a beautiful orchid, compliments of Green Circle Growers.

“We are fortunate to live in the heart of the Ohio’s agricultural community, and to partner with our neighboring growers and family farmers,” stated Dan Shanahan, Buehler’s President and COO. “Thank you for your daily hard work and commitment to bring Buehler’s customers the freshest seasonal produce and plants available.”

Buehler’s Fresh Foods is the largest supporter of the Mt. Hope Produce Auction in Holmes County, Ohio, where they source the freshest produce from the local Amish community. The retailer also partners with 25 local family farms and growers in central Ohio.  As a result of these unique direct purchasing and quality assurance programs, Buehler’s offers consumers the best value on the finest local produce.

Our Family 12 oz. Processed Cheese Singles

  • Date of withdrawal: 6/5/15
  • UPC code(s): 70253-51110
  • Lot code(s) (if applicable): Best By Date: February 4, 2016
  • Manufacturer of item: Our Family Brands – distributor
  • Toll free number of manufacturer for information & questions: n/a
  • Reason for withdrawal: The manufacturing facility has determined that there was a development of calcium lactate crystallization. While this presence of calcium lactate crystals is not desired, it is a natural occurrence in cheese.
  • PLEASE return products to any Buehler’s location for a refund or replacement