Buehler’s has been a leader in recycling since before recycling was cool!

Many of stores feature convenient bins for our customers to drop off their recyclables. You’ll find bins at our Ashland, Dover, Medina Forest Meadows, Medina River Styx, WadsworthNew Philadelphia, Orrville, and Wooster Milltown stores.

Here are some tips about what we accept:

Ashland Recycling Center


  • NEWSPAPER – put in paper or plastic grocery bags or tie in bundles, ad slicks can stay in newspapers.
  • MAGAZINES – put in paper or plastic grocery bags or tie in bundles
  • BOOKS – put in paper or plastic grocery bags or tie in bundles
  • MISC. PAPER – put in paper or plastic grocery bags
  • CARDBOARD / BOX BOARD – flatten & bundle or flatten and put inside other cardboard containers
  • ALUMINUM CANS – rinse out cans & drain, cans may be crushed to save space but not necessary
  • STEEL / TIN CANS – rinse out food cans, aerosol cans may be included if empty
  • PLASTIC CONTAINERS – plastic containers with a #1 thru #7 code on the bottom are recyclable.  Rinse containers & drain, flatten to save space.  No need to remove labels, caps or rings.  Do not include motor oil bottles or antifreeze jugs.  Milk bottles, water jugs, detergent bottles, cottage cheese containers, prescription bottles, etc. are all acceptable.
  •  #6 containers, if styrofoam are NOT recyclable.
  • PRINTER CARTRIDGES – place in original container, if possible & put with other recyclable items


Dover, New Philadelphia, Orrville and Wooster Milltown Recycling Centers

  • Metal and aluminum cans
  • Cardboard (flattened)
  • Paper and newspaper
  • Plastic Bottles (Plastics #1 and 2 only)
  • Plastic Jugs (Plastics #1 and 2 only)

Glass is no longer accepted at these recycling centers due to breakage and very poor recycling market for glass



Medina Forest Meadows, Medina River Styx and Wadsworth Recycling Centers


And here’s a cute Bin Hog video from Recycle Medina County:




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