Easter Wine Pairings

Choosing the perfect wine for your Easter dinner is easy – with a bit of help from our wine experts at Buehler’s! Below you’ll find our recommendations. We’ve chosen three wines that go perfectly with ham, plus an awesome dessert wine. AND, a wine that pairs with your chocolate Easter Bunny!

Amaze your guests – and your taste buds – with these special wines.


Ava Grace Rosé

for Rosé fans, Ava Grace Rosé pairs perfectly with your Easter hams


Dark Horse Pinot Noir

Serving Buehler’s Honey Spiral Sliced Ham? Pair it with this Dark Horse Pinot Noir.


LaMarca Prosecco

Easter is a celebration!
Sparkling, bubbly LaMarca Prosecco adds joy to your springtime fest.


Bailey’s Strawberry & Cream

Perfect with any dessert, Bailey’s Strawberry & Cream plus a Buehler’s Bakery Strawberry Pie is what we’d recommend!


CK Mondavi Cabernet

Rich and creamy CK Mondavi Cabernet is the perfect compliment to those chocolate Easter bunny ears.

These wines are all featured
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