Reasons to Go Organic

Less Chemicals: Choosing certified organic fruits and vegetables means you are no longer ingesting the chemicals and pesticides used in non-organic farming. Over 600 chemicals are approved for agricultural use.

Better For You: Organically grown fruits and vegetables have more of the vital nutrients your body and your family’s bodies need to stay healthy. These include important vitamins, minerals & enzymes crucial to wellness.

They Taste Better: At Buehler’s we firmly believe fruits and vegetables grown in organic soil without the use of pesticides produce stronger crops that simply taste better. Don’t believe us? Try for yourself today by visiting the organic produce section of your local Buehler’s!

Say No to GMO: It still remains to be discovered what the effects of genetically engineered food has on our health. All Buehler’s organics are certified by the USDA. This means they are not allowed to be genetically modified in any way!

Better For the Environment: Organic farming is more sustainable and better for the environment. Removing harmful chemicals helps to not only produce healthier foods for you and your family but also presents less hazards to our ecosystem and wildlife. Water sources are protected and soil remains unpolluted.

Support Local Farmers: Going organic is one of the easiest things you can do to impact your community directly and support local farmers.

Source: USDA

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