Introducing Sushi Kabar!

Because sushi lovers deserve better sushi!

Sushi Kabar now at Buehler's

Is Sushi Kabar really better?

Yes, absolutely. Sushi Kabar is passionate about this because we believe that the quality of our sushi is more important than any other factor. It’s time to elevate grocery store sushi to a higher standard. We do this in four ways:

  • We use real Japanese rice—the best in the world
  • AAA grade tuna for nigiri sushi.
  • The best vinegar for a perfect balance of acid & sweetness.
  • Our head sushi chef leads with 20 years of experience.

Sushi Kabar is redefining “grocery store sushi” for the sushi enthusiast, while turning first timers into long timers by using superior ingredients, better recipes, and top-notch chefs.


Expert chefs

Our expert chefs go through rigorous training to ensure their skills and customer service are exceptional.


Superior ingredients

Our top-notch chefs use only the best ingredients and recipes to create the highest quality sushi possible.

Now available at four Buehler’s locations.

Hungry for sushi? You’ll find Sushi Kabars at these Buehler’s stores: Canton, Medina River Styx, Wadsworth and Wooster Milltown.