Take and Bake pizza

Buehler’s Take & Bake Pizzas are Here!

Made from fresh ingredients with our chefs’ special recipe – these pizza are perfect for a quick meal or a crowd! You’ll find them in the prepared case in our deli!

Buehler’s Take and Bake Pizza comes in Five Varieties

• Cheese
• White Cheese
• Sausage
• Pepperoni
• The Works

Prices range from $7.49 – $9.49

So Easy!

Choose your favorite variety – then just pop it in your oven at 400° F for 10-12 minutes! And it’s ready!

Buehler's Chefs worked hard to come up with the special recipes.

Special Sauce….

Creating our new Take & Bake Pizzas was a joint effort!

Our chefs perfected the pizza sauce! And they are hard to please! They carefully chose cheeses and other ingredients to make the best pizzas for easy baking at home.

Extra Large – A remarkable size!

When we say Extra Large – we mean B-I-G! These pizzas are 16″ wide – and can feed a crowd!

Try one today! You’ll find them in our prepared foods deli case. Light your oven and get ready to eat!