Zellers in Hartville Exceeds Expectations for Freshness

With 700 acres of rich soil, the Zellers family and many workers are planting and harvesting from early spring through late October. When we visited the farm in Hartville, Ohio, Jeff Zellers explained that they actually plant 1300 acres of crops annual. That’s because after harvest crops, new seeds are sown for a second crop to grow in the rich soil.

From planting to packaging, over 200 people are employed by Zellers.

From mid-May – late October, the crews are kept busy harvesting fresh veggies. There are six crews in the fields rain or shine. Customers expect to find quality Zellers produce at their local grocery — and Zellers is proud to be able to fill orders with amazing speed.

The Zellers are dedicated to producing quality lettuce, radishes, herbs, green onions, beets, radishes and more.

Here’s Why Zellers Produce is so Fresh!

Buehler’s sends Zellers our orders for fresh leafy lettuces, radishes, herbs, green onions, beets and greens every Monday and Wednesday. Orders are relayed to the pickers, who pick exactly what is ordered for each job.

As produce is picked it is carefully crated and loaded on one of the Zellers 63 trucks. Some of their trucks have been in use since the 1940’s.

The crates are taken directly to the processing area where produce is thoroughly rinsed via the conveyor belt and water system that is running continually through the day.

After being rinsed, many of the crates are iced down immediately. All are rolled into the refrigerated storage units for overnight storage.

Our produce is loaded and delivered the next day!

And the following day the Zellers produce is on our shelves. . . . and that’s why it’s so great that we can provide our customers with local, Zellers produce!

Thank you to the crews who work hard harvesting quality produce.

This crew is picking Bibb Lettuce for our stores.

Zellers is a great source for local, fresh vegetables for our customers to enjoy!