Buehler’s Quality Meats

Our meat department is proud to offer quality meat. With names like Certified Angus Beef, local Gerber’s Chicken and Chairman’s Reserve Prime Pork you know you are getting the best available. Fresh beef, poultry and pork is packaged daily by our professional butchers, right in our meat departments. Whether you choose prepackaged, choose something from our fresh cases, or have a special request for our butchers, you’ll be happy you chose to come to Buehler’s for your meat! #buehlersqualitymeats

Buehler's Butchers package meat daily.

Buehler’s butchers package fresh meat daily.

Certified Angus Beef is top quality meat.

Certified Angus Beef

We are proud to carry Certified Angus Beef. Our customers can be sure that the beef purchased at Buehler’s is going to taste great! Yes, our beef is Certified! Raised by ranchers whose goal is to produce beef that’s extremely tender, juicier and always packed with flavor.

Fresh case

Looking for a special cut of beef or pork. Our butchers have some of best cuts available in our fresh case. Don’t see what you are looking for? Just ask! Our meat department staff is happy to help!


Gerber's Chicken

Gerber’s Chicken

People come to our store just for our gourmet Gerber’s Chicken.

Gerber’s it’s all about raising and feeding their chickens the right way, the natural way. Our chickens are fed an all vegetarian diet with:

  • No antibiotics ever
  • Fed an all vegetarian diet
  • No growth stimulants or hormones

Better feed means better flavor.
That’s Gerber’s position.

Gerber's Chicken

We have a special section for Gerber’s Chicken in the Meat Department. We also use Gerber’s Chicken in our Restaurants and Delis, because it’s simply delicious!


Chairman's Reserve Prime Pork

Chairman’s Reserve® Prime Pork

Chairman’s Reserve® Prime Pork has been hand selected and approved by our Product Masters who are uniquely trained to understand every aspect of production and to identify the characteristics of quality pork. Only when they determine the best of the best, is it distinguished as Chairman’s Reserve Prime Pork.  Through these heightened specifications we promise to deliver the most tender and flavorful pork available.

The Prime Difference:

  • Optimal marbling, coloring and pH which enables an even more tender, juicy and flavorful prok
  • Hand-selected and hand-trimmed
  • All-natural and minimally processed with no artificial ingredients
  • Specifications that rival all competitors in the market place


Open Prairie Natural Pork

Open Prairie Natural Pork

When “free-form” pork is what you are wanting, Beuhler’s is a great choice. We offer Open Prairie Natural* Pork which gets back to the basics, which means:

  • No antibiotics – ever
  • No added hormones and growth promotants**
  • All-Vegetarian Fed diet
  • Minimally process and no artificial ingredients.

The farmers who raise pigs specifically for Open Prairie Natural Pork take great care ensuring the health and welfare of their animals, along with sharing a commitment to a healthy environment. You can learn more about this delicious pork here.

*Minimally processed, no artificial ingredients. **Federal Regulations prohibit the use of hormones in pork.


Pick 5 Meat

Buehler’s Pick 5 for $25 – Meat & Seafood

Always popular with Buehler’s customers, our Pick 5 for $25 Meat & Seafood selections include a wide variety of beef, poultry and pork along with seafood. You’ll find fresh, processed and frozen options. Just look for the Pick 5 signs!

Take a look inside our Pick 5 Meat display:



Fresh Seafood….

Click here to learn more about our awesome seafood selections.


Check our circular for this week’s Fresh Meat & Seafood specials.

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