Hostess Donettes – various varieties
Date of recall: 9/3/14
UPC code(s):

Hostess Powdered Single Server Donettes – 6 ct. 8-88109-05004
Hostess Powdered Donettes – Bag of 20 8-88109-15004
Hostess Chocolate Frosted Donettes – Bag of 20 8-88109-15002
Lot code(s) (if applicable): see attached table
Manufacturer of item: Hostess Brands
Toll free number of manufacturer for information & questions: 1-800-483-7253, M-F from 8:30am to 4:30pm CST
Reason for recall: item can mold before expiration date
PLEASE return products to any Buehler’s location for a refund or replacement