Pineapples are delicious! It’s awesome to know that they are also good for you! Here are 10 healthy benefits that come with this juicy fruit:

1. Good for your Health Carbs

One cup (165 grams) of pineapple contains 21.7 grams of carbohydrates and 2.3 grams of fiber, meaning that 19.4 grams of digestible carbs are in each cup.

Pineapple does not have a huge impact on blood sugar levels (at least not in healthy people).

2. Excellent Fiber

One cup of pineapple contains 2 grams of fiber, almost all insoluble (99%).

Insoluble fibers reduce the risk of type two diabetes and digestion.

3. Vitamins & Minerals

One cup of pineapple provides 132% of the recommended daily intake for Vitamin C and 76% of manganese. Pineapples also contain copper, a trace mineral critical for many important functions in the body, such as producing red blood cells, and Folate (B9), which is important for regular function of cells and tissue growth. Folate is very important for women who are pregnant.

4. Lowered Cancer Risk

A main cause of death around the world, cancer is mainly characterized by uncontrollable cell growth that harms surrounding tissues.

Diets high in yellow vegetables and fruit (like pineapples!) reduce the risk of colon cancer.

Various test-tube studies have shown that bromelain, present in pineapples, may prevent the growth of cancer cells and lead them to cell death.

5. Improves Immunity

Bromelain has been proven in studies to strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammation, and may stimulate immune responses, thus reducing the severity of inflammation, and have beneficial effects in asthma and allergic airway diseases.

Consuming pineapple or taking a bromelain supplement may shorten the timeline of sinus infections, prevent blood clots, reduce inflammation, and stimulate immune responses, especially in kids.

6. Amazing Plant Compounds

Only found in pineapple, bromelain is a unique protein-digesting enzyme. It also reduces the risk of cancer, heals wounds, and improves tummy health.

Anthocyanins: Pineapple contains low amounts of anthocyanins, powerful antioxidants that helps reduce the risk of many diseases, like heart disease.

(Thanks to bromelain content, you may use pineapple juice to tenderize meat!)

7. Trims the Waistline

Pineapple makes you feel full and provides energy without adding too many calories. With less thank 60 calories per half cup,

One-half cup of fresh pineapple contains fewer than 60 calories, pineapple has a high water content and is rich in fiber, which keeps you satiated. The golden fruit has also been shown to reduce stomach bloating due to bromelain, which leads to better digestive function and a trimmer waist.

8. Reduces Nausea in Pregnant Women

Pineapple can have a nausea-relieving effect, attributed to high amounts of vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin B6 that helps relieve the symptoms of pregnancy-induced nausea.

9. Boost Fertility

Foods with high antioxidant content, like pineapple, are recommended for those trying to conceive due to several beneficial vitamins and minerals, including beta-carotene, vitamin C, copper, zinc, and folate.

Many of these elements can help boost fertility in both men and women due to assisting in fighting free radicals.

10. Boosts Blood Circulation

Pineapple produces copper, an essential mineral vital in a number of enzymatic reactions and compounds in the body. Copper is a necessary mineral for the formation of healthy red blood cells, which deliver oxygen to various organ systems and help them to function at optimum levels.

Pineapple also increases cognitive abilities and can maintain neural pathways to prevent neural disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Source: Chestnut Hill Farms

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