5 Things You Need to Know about Protecting the Planet

For many of us, how our daily decisions impact planet health is just as important as how they impact our personal health. Choices we make, such as carpooling, using recyclable grocery bags, or choosing LED light bulbs, all have impact on the planet. With Earth Day celebrated worldwide later this month, it’s the perfect time to consider how our daily decisions impact planet health and what we can each do to make a difference.

#1: Carbon Footprint measures impact on the planet.

You’ve likely heard the term carbon footprint, which is a measure of the greenhouse gases (including carbon dioxide and methane) that are generated by our daily actions. Carbon footprint can be measured on an individual, a household, a company, or a food product as it is grown on the farm and travels to your table. High greenhouse gases contribute to global warming.

#2: Certain actions increase carbon footprint.

The four biggest ways to decrease carbon footprint and to fight for a clean environment are to lower the number of people on the planet, use cars less, travel less by airplanes, and eat more plant-based foods.

#3: Small changes over time add up to big results.

Decisions we make every day, when done consistently, can add up to big impact on planet health over time. For example, with spring in the air, consider line drying clothes outside or starting a compost bin in your back yard. For more inspiration, consider our 30 Ways to Take Care of the Earth.

#4: Earth Day is celebrated on April 22.

Started as an environmental movement more than 50 years ago, citizens around the world take action on Earth Day to raise awareness of planet health. Click here to learn more about local activities that may be happening in your area in celebration of Earth Day.

#5: Buehler’s cares.

As a part of our commitment to planet health, we are featuring displays of plant-powered foods in our stores during April. The plastic bags used in our stores are made from recycled materials. And don’t forget about our plastic bag recycling bins, available at the front of every store.

Working together, Buehler’s and our valued shoppers, we can make strides in protecting the planet, environment, and natural resources.