5 Tips to Make your Gluten-Free Lifestyle Delicious & Nutritious

If you follow a gluten-free lifestyle, you know that grocery shopping and meal preparation can often be frustrating. Searching the supermarket for the right products and coming up with easy, tasty meal options isn’t always easy. Let Buehler’s be your personal shopping assistant! Our stores strive to meet the individualized dietary needs of our shoppers and we provide expert advice along with an exciting selection of new and unique products that will add taste, nutrition, and diversity to your gluten-free meals. Whether you’ve just started following a gluten-free eating plan, or you’ve been going gluten-free for a while, we’ll help you make fun, flavorful meals that will satisfy both your taste buds and nutrient needs. Registered Dietitian, Shari Steinbach, provides the following tips to help you shop for and prepare tasty gluten-free meals that are delicious and nutritious:

Emphasize nutrient-rich choices

Start by loading your cart with fresh foods that are naturally gluten-free such as fruits and vegetables, milk, unprocessed cheese, meat, poultry, fish, eggs, beans/legumes, eggs, nuts and tofu. The next step is to search out gluten-free sources of grain such as rice, corn tortillas and grits. These foods can comprise the basics of your eating plan. Then it’s time to discover the wide variety of special gluten-free items available at Buehler’s like baking essentials, snack foods, condiments and more.


Explore the store

You don’t have to go on a lengthy scavenger hunt to find gluten-free products at Buehler’s. We make it easy by having Healthy Living sections and Gluten-free tags in a growing number of our locations and we are continually expanding our offerings with delicious new products. Each time you shop, select a few new gluten-free items to try. You’ll find a variety of exciting choices in the baking, snack, pasta and cereal aisles to name a few. We also have delicious options in our frozen and bakery departments.

Currently seven of our stores are set up with the Healthy Living tags and signs: Ashland, Orrville, Massillon, both Medina locations and both Wooster stores. We hope to expand the program to all 13 stores by the end of 2021.


Find your favorite baked goods and baking ingredients

Buehler’s has a large variety of options to choose from regarding these products so it’s just a matter of finding your favorite. Look for whole grain gluten-free breads and crackers, pasta made with brown rice or bean flours and flour blends that can be substituted equally for wheat flour. The new products in these categories offer more taste and better-for-you choices than ever before and Buehler’s is committed to making them available to our customers. You’ll find many of our favorites on our Gluten-Free Shopping List, and by seeking out the gluten-free tags in the Healthy Living section of our aisles.


Be a label reader

If you are unsure about a product fitting into your eating plan, be sure to check out the label. It will tell you if a product is made with gluten-free ingredients and can serve as a short-cut for finding the right foods. Click here for a list of ingredients to avoid. Some foods also have advisory statements, like “May contain wheat,” or “Made on equipment that also processes wheat.” Some companies use them to warn allergic consumers about a real risk in the processing of a food. On the flip side, you may see statements like “Made in a dedicated gluten-free facility,” or “Made on dedicated gluten-free equipment.” You will learn the ins and outs of label reading faster than you might think.


Stock up on easy meal components

One way to always ensure you have a quick and healthy gluten-free meal on hand is to customize your kitchen those products that help you easily assemble simple meals. Click here for a one-week menu planner featuring gluten-free products from Buehler’s in simple assembly meals.


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