Buehler’s is excited about bringing Premium Quality Longhorn Beef™ to our customers.

Premium Quality Longhorn Beef is raised locally in Perrysville and Coshocton, by a small group of family farmers. They are committed to providing the very best locally raised, grass-fed longhorn beef. No added hormones, no antibiotics, of course! This beef is perfect for Buehler’s customers who are concerned about their health, but still want to enjoy the deliciousness of beef!

America’s original grass-fed beef, longhorn beef is amazingly healthy. It’s low in calories, yet high in protein! Fat grams are unbelievably lower then chicken white meat!

Take a look at the Longhorn Beef Information chart below and see how this healthy meat compares with regular ground beef, pork, venison and turkey – as well as chicken! You’ll be surprised how healthy it really is!

Cooking Strategy of Texas Longhorn Beef

If you’ve heard chefs talk about their “Sear, the Slow” cooking strategy, you know that searing seals the meat and then finishing the cooking process with a low heat retains juices. That is the perfect strategy for cooking longhorn beef burgers.

• Burgers can be seared in a little grass fed butter in a cast iron skillet and finished at a low heat.

• On the grill, use the same strategy using a high heat to sear both sides, then finish at a low heat.

• Either way, be sure to achieve an internal temperature of 160°F.


Raised Right by Local Farmers

Premium Quality Longhorn Cattle brings together two local farm families who are dedicated to raising quality, grass-fed beef – Bonnie Glen Longhorns and Morris Land & Cattle Co. in their green, Ohio pastures.

Bonnie Glen Farm is a family owned farm specializing in breeding and growing Texas Longhorns. Their farm is located in Coshocton, which also happens to be the home of a Buehler’s store!

Owned by Andy and Amber Dunmire, Bonnie Glen Farm has been raising longhorns since 2012. As members of the International Texas Longhorn Association as well as The Ohio River Valley Texas Longhorn Association, the Dunmires are dedicated to assuring their cattle meet the highest breed standards.

The Morris Land & Cattle Co. is located in Perrysville. With over 100 years of combined beef cattle experience,  the Morris family knows the perks of raising cattle in Ohio! They began raising Texas Longhorns in 2015 and are pleased to offer the highest quality, naturally raised Texas Long Horn beef.

The Texas Longhorn breed was perfected by 400-500 years of natural selection. This breed was the basis of cattle empires of the 1800’s. Seeing longhorn cattle grazing locally brings to mind the glory days of the American West – right here in Ohio!


Premium Quality Longhorn Beef – now available exclusively at Buehler’s!