Buehler’s Offering Creekside™ Pure Creamery Pre-Portioned Balls of Butter

If you are constantly looking for tasty products that will save you time & effort during your busy day, then check Buehler’s dairy case for Creekside™ Pure Creamery Pre-Portioned Balls of Butter.  Convenient for cooking eggs, popping into a bag of popcorn, or adding creaminess to your morning cup of coffee with less hassle.  No more peeling back the paper from those butter sticks and dirtying a knife to slice off just the right amount. 

Extra Creamy with European Style Flavor

Made from fresh, pure, and sweet creamery butter.  Contains 82% butter fat which is higher than most American butter and is more typical of European style butter.  The result is food that has a rich flavor and a luxurious mouth feel.  It’s a difference that’s noticed and appreciated by today’s food-involved consumer!

The inspiration for the brand Creekside™ comes from the historic town of Covington, Ohio where the Stillwater River flows past historic mills.  Proudly made in Michigan by Butterball® Farms, Inc., who has been serving the restaurant industry with premium quality butter for over 60 years. 

Available in an 8 oz, resealable bag, approximately 32 balls.